Trust your users from day one with Portabl.

Portabl is redefining what it means to share trusted identity information between financial service providers and the millions of people who count on them.

6 in 10 customers abandon online registration processes. That’s why we made the sign-up process as easy as sign-in. Create 2-touch financial access for any user, anywhere, across Web2 and Web3 and protect your users’ privacy and security while you’re at it.

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What’s under the hood?

Trusted financial identity doesn’t stop at onboarding. Here’s how we’re solving it.

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Verify more in less time

Onboard users in 2 steps and less than 15 seconds using the configurations that work best for your business.

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Plug into your favorite flows

Get up and running in minutes with our APIs and SDKs for web and mobile.

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Zero Knowledge? Zero Problem

Validate and verify information with an added layer of security by using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) in place of explicit data.

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Passwordless auth made easy

Use globally-recognized standards (OIDC SIOP) to let your users log in with their verified identity over an encrypted channel, eliminating password risk.

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Stream your updates and audit events

Access changes in your customer data as they happen, supported by a tamper-resistent audit ledger. Simplify audit logs once and for all.

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Stress-free PII protection

Each user is backed by a permissioned & encrypted cloud wallet by default—Portabl protects the most sensitive data so you can focus on your business.


Integrate, Verify, Consent — it’s that simple.

  • Integrate

    Add a fast lane to your onboarding and authentication

    Consumers know and love single sign on solutions—they can boost customer conversion by over 20%.

    Integrate Portabl’s Verifiable Credentials engine to allow people to bring their trusted identity with them to the onboarding process, recuding customer activation to seconds.

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  • Verify

    Verify everything you need in a single step

    Did you know that on average, it takes 14 screens and 29 clicks to collect 16 data points when trying to enroll a new customer?

    How does enrollment in 2 screens and 2 clicks sound?

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  • Consent

    Consent and mutual authentication

    Make it crystal clear what information your business is validating and enable your users to give you the 👍. By supporting mutual authentication, you protect against attacks before they happen, and set a new standard for security expetations between you and your users.

    Portabl App Reviewing Data
Onboarding screen with Portabl join button
Portabl App Verify Screen
Portabl App Reviewing Data

Verify what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Use Portabl’s APIs and web-based tools to configure and manage everything you need to define, issue, and verifiy trusted financial identities for your users. Verification configurations make it easy to ensure that onboarding and authentication events meet your KYC standards while being data-minimizing and privacy-preserving.

Build trust with your users by issuing and verifying financial identities that grow with their needs while simplifying your most sensitive PII needs.

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User Profile

Things about your customers change. Automatically keep up with them.

  • Consumer 46284 submitted new data points to Portabl 2 minutes ago
  • Portabl re-verified new data points 41 seconds ago
+ New event detected for Consumer 46284

Signing re-verified data points
1659113475: Updating user fields...
✔ Signing Complete

Encrypting & Storing re-verified data points
8675463210: Encrypting data...
9463272945: Storing encrypted data...
✔ Encrypting & Storing Complete

Sharing Consumer 46284 data across selected services (5/5 subscribed services)
Establishing secure channel
Sharing re-verified data points
Acknowledging delivery of shared data points

Let’s face it: identity is complicated, and financial identity is the most sensitive piece of the customer-provider relationship.

Thing is, establishing trust isn’t just about a smooth onboarding experience. Trusted identity needs to be maintained and continually re-verified over the life of the customer.

Portabl supports continuous re-verification based on a consent-and-event model.

Whenever your users update information over time, you can immediately verify and log the changes, and post back acknowledgement to your users.

  • Data points shared with subscribed financial services 5 seconds ago
  • Sharing complete 1 second ago!
Trusted User History

Automatically build a trusted history with all your customers.

Portabl constructs secure, tamper-proof audit logs automatically so you can focus on keeping your customers happy. Tap into data and verification histories with a single API.

Eliminate the guesswork of what data was validated, when, and the results—no manual data gathering, no missing files, and no gaps with meeting regulatory obligations.

  • + Consumer Data Update
    First Name

    Updated yesterday on Consumer 46284

  • + Consumer Data Update
    Last Name

    Updated 4 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + New Pass Update

    Updated 8 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + New Pass Update
    Phone Number

    Updated 8 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + Consumer Data Update
    Email Address

    Updated 9 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + Consumer Data Update
    Last Name

    Updated 9 months ago on Consumer 46284

Customer Flexibility

Give your customers the flexibility they always wanted.

Portable financial identity is the next step in open finance—access the most critical emerging competitive advantage by enabling your users to control their verified data and how it is shared it among their favorite with financial apps and services. Portabl aligns its identity standards to shared principles of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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Consumers have the right to access their financial data but must explicitly consent to how the data will be shared and used.

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Data must remain secure at all parts of the ecosystem.

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Infrastructure must consistently provide consumers access to all of their information in a fast and seamless manner.

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All parties involved in data access should have transparency into consumer and ecosystem behavior.

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Data Minimization

Consumers should share the least amount of data needed to still power their use case with the apps and services they want to use.

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We’re building what everyone is talking about.

“Audit logs cost us time and money. Why can’t I have a single unbroken history for my users’ data?”

“The dream is enabling customers to act like APIs of themselves, so we can trust them and they can trust us.”

“Accessing crypto feels confusing. I just want to use my identity like a passport and do what I want.”

“I’m tired of filling in the same data over and over again. Other apps know I’m a good user and a real person, so I should just be able to bring that with me.”

Start trusting your customers identity. Join our beta program today.

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