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Boost conversions, reduce fraud and securely build your ecosystem with reusable KYC, strong authentication & 0-login bank-verified data.

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Build on the next generation of ID verification & security. A 'remember me' that works across providers and networks based on decentralized identity standards.

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Decentralization, Not Federation

There’s no such thing as “one” ID. Build composable, privacy-preserving verification and compliance processes based on Verifiable Credentials & Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), both new global standards.

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Continuous ID, Not Refresh

Subscribe to real-time verified updates and move toward perpetual KYC — make refresh a thing of the past.

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2-Way Authentication, Not Just 2-Factor

All interactions are wrapped in cryptographic material that ensures both sides are authentic, preventing ATO, MITM and other forms of phishing.

Portabl does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

2 clicks. 0 passwords. End-to-end onboarding meets strong authentication.

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Stop KYC-ing applicants from scratch and eliminate passwords in the same integration. Increase conversion and reduce verification costs to cents.

  • <150 Countries & 10,000 ID documents with biometric matching

  • Detect tampered documents, spoofed photos, and age mitext-white smatch

  • Bind document-based identity with financial accounts and devices to combat synthetics and fraud

  • Reciprocal authentication stops ATOs and MITMs attacks before they start

  • Simplify KYC, CIP, age verification, acount validation, and more

Bring the risk decisioning, we’ll bring the rest.

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Mix and match standards-based configurations to cover everything from zero-knowledge proofs through robust ID checks with underlying documents.

Portabl’s smart-fill identifies data gaps in a single step and prompts consumers to fill in data with our tools or your own 3rd party tools.

  • Data: W3C verifiable credentials (VCs) & Decentralized Identifiers

  • Connections: Open ID Connect for VCs & DIDComm

  • APIs & webhooks made to work with your systems and risk engines

  • Set up in days to weeks, not months

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A better ‘remember me’ without the lock-in.

Build consortium effects in your own ecosystems, unlock new partner and affiliate use cases and generate loyalty by giving users the consumer identity ownership they deserve.

  • Issue branded, reusable identity and account credentials

  • Build secure affiliates and partner networks with “known user” programs

  • Align your identity strategy with consumer-permissioned data expectations

  • Reduce identity overhead costs within your network

Update once, update everywhere.

Consumers can update and maintain their personal information and account connections in real-time within the Portabl Passport (no app required).

  • Securely subscribe to your users’ verified updates

  • No changes to your front-end

  • Dynamic update with the same assurance and privacy levels as original verifications

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Continuous identity—Real time, all the time.

Simplify AML record keeping and ensure your users stay who they say they are from account opening to account closing.

  • Immutable “track changes” supports observability & traceability

  • Achieve a single customer view on a single API

  • Simplify lookbacks without manual work

  • Monitor for credential revocations and suspensions in real time


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