Handling Data — Control, Trust & Security at Portabl

We do identity a little differently at Portabl.

We’re on a mission to make sure user permission and user control is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we want to share our commitments to trust, safety, and security and explain how we help you simplify and secure managing your most sensitive data.

The current setup for identity in digital finance is messy — too many accounts, too many forms, too many questions about where your data is held, secured, and kept up to date. That’s why we combined the best of a wallet, a passport, and single-sign on.

We have redefined how you connect to accounts, manage and secure your data, and simplify keeping your data up to date across accounts. We never share, sell, lease your data to other parties.

Protecting interactions & simplifying access — By using new forms of cryptographic protection & verification, we allow you to share and prove different pieces of your identity without the need to re-enter it or submit it into other systems. The fewer times information is spread around, the less vulnerable it is. No more forms, no more confusing data entry, no wondering where your data is going.

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Protection without passwords

No usernames or passwords — it’s that simple. Any time you’re using Portabl, we use secure MFA and support the factor of your choice. What’s not to love.

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2-way authentication

Portabl is unique because any time you connect to an app or service, that app or service has to prove that they’re really them too. Fraudsters are smart. We protect you against fake businesses and bad actors.

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Control your connections and data

Take control of your scattered data from various apps and services. Our digital cloud wallet ensures its security, accessible exclusively by you. Say goodbye to juggling information across accounts—update and remotely send data through your Portabl passport.

Built to keep your data and reputation safe every step of the way

Protected cloud infrastructure

We are 100% cloud-native, which allows us to build isolated and protected cloud wallets for every business and every consumer.

Encrypt all the things

We combine identity specific cryptography with gold-standard encryption protocols — Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Independent security testing

We work with Drata, an independent security and compliance platform, to ensure our product and infrastructure continues to meet SOC2 II and ISO 27001 standards.


We’re building a transparent trust network to simply everyone’s financial life. Part of that means making sure you know it’s Portabl when you see it. Wherever you see our double-door logo, you can be assured that you’re in an identity interaction that’s fair, safe, and simple according to our best practices.