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The next generation of verification, strong authentication, and continuous identity assurance.

Portabl is redefining what it means to share trusted identity information between financial service providers and the millions of people who count on them.

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Power reusable identity experiences and trusted ID networks by combining the best of document and liveness verification with advancements in cryptographic verifiability, portability, and privacy-protecting protocols.

We combine the best of data ownership and privacy-preserving technology with a deploy-anywhere “Tap to Prove” model in order to standardize the way we confirm and protect consumers’ most sensitive data.

By verifying and authenticating real identities, businesses can eliminate passwords, access dynamic, continuous ID assurance, and build their own ID services. This provides users with simpler, safer experiences while combating fraud.


Say hello to “Tap to Prove” — 6 in 10 customers abandon online registration processes. That’s why we made the sign-up process as easy as sign-in.

Treat new users like known users using verified documents, liveness, and data, all in a single step. Flexible configurations make it easy to ensure that onboarding and authentication satisfies your KYC and AML standards while being data-minimizing and privacy-preserving. Embed open banking’s answer to single-sign-on for seamless verification, authentication, and consent capture.

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Issue a trusted identity to build loyalty and make passwords extinct.

Offer your users a simple, secure way to log back in to their apps and services and eliminate password and phishing vulnerability. Add your brand to the underlying credentials to power trusted identity networks and build affiliates and user-permissioned data-sharing partners.

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Sync with your users and subscribe to continuous identity.

Portabl powers continuous re-verification based on a consent-and-event model, offering a new mix of dynamic remote verification combined with real time updates. Securely subscribe to your users’ verified updates to drive automated coverage and make sure your users continue to be who they say they are without any changes to your front end.

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