Financial identity at the speed of payments.

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Build sign-up, sign-in, continuous identity assurance, and new identity-powered user experiences all on a single API. This means you can verify and authenticate new and existing users in seconds while providing them with more control of their own data.

Based on next-generation decentralized identity standards, Portabl fills a gap in open banking by allowing consumers to control and share pre-verified data about their identities, accounts, and payment methods in just a few clicks without having to re-enter, re-submit, or re-connect their information.

Portabl Core IconPortabl Core

Reduce complex customer verifications to seconds, keep your environment safe, and build ecosystems of real, trusted identities. We blend document and liveness checks with advancements in cryptography and secure messaging to cut onboarding time by 90% and provide secure event-driven updates.

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Connect — Sign up and sign in under one roof. Reduce KYC to 2 clicks and move your users off of vulnerable passwords.

Bob Account Single Screen

Issue and Sign — Create verified IDs that move with your users to secure your ecosystem and build trusted identity networks.

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Sync — Activate Perpetual KYC and continuous identity with two-way verified data syncing. Subscribe to your users according to your risk-based policies.

Portabl Audit IconPortabl Audit

Portabl constructs secure, tamper-proof audit logs automatically. Access compliant audit trails and look-back capabilities to simplify complex historical reporting requirements and governance programs.

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+ New event detected for Consumer 46284

Signing re-verified data points
1659113475: Updating user fields...
✔ Signing Complete

Encrypting & Storing re-verified data points
8675463210: Encrypting data...
9463272945: Storing encrypted data...
✔ Encrypting & Storing Complete

Sharing Consumer 46284 data across selected services (5/5 subscribed services)
✔ Establishing secure channel
✔ Sharing re-verified data points
✔ Acknowledging delivery of shared data points

  • + Consumer Data Update
    First Name

    Updated yesterday on Consumer 46284

  • + Consumer Data Update
    Last Name

    Updated 4 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + New Pass Update

    Updated 8 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + New Pass Update
    Phone Number

    Updated 8 months ago on Consumer 46284

  • + Consumer Data Update
    Email Address

    Updated 9 months ago on Consumer 46284

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